When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes a lot of changes. Conclusively, one of those changes is a growing belly. woman may want to look at the maternity sizing in the later trimesters of pregnancy, specially when we talk about coats and jackets. there are a number of styles of maternity coats and women will feel comfortable and look great in all of them. Make sure that you pick out a couple of different yet stylish pieces.

Maternity Coats

A maternity trench coat will help keeping out the wet weather, while a parka helps keep a women warm during the winters. So, before purchasing a coat or jacket during pregnancy, make sure that you buy the right size. Which may require taking new measurements and looking them up on a maternity sizing chart. No, it is not difficult to do and women may take their own measurements at home if they want to. Also, women can find the maternity coats and jackets online through websites such as Mommyliciousmaternity.com etc.
Types of Maternity Coats and Jackets

There are a number of coats and jackets in maternity sizing to choose from during the pregnancy. it is important to get a maternity coat because the standard size coats, even in the larger size won’t be able to fit properly, and will make the mama-to-be uncomfortable. The maternity coats usually have extra panels in the front, and sides that allows the growing belly to be comfortable during the pregnancy. The manufacturers also provide them the little extra room in order to grow into them.
Pea Coat

Maternity Style

The Pea Coat has emerged from coats that are generally worn by sailors in order to keep them warm opposing the harsh sea winds. These are generally mid- thigh length, made of wool or a wool blend and features such as wide collar with attached hood etc. they are buttoned up in the front with large, buttons that are easy to use. Pea coats may or may not have a belt as well.

Trench Coat

Maternity Trench Coat

This coat has emerged from the military trench coats developed specially for soldiers during world war II. Trench coats generally are mid-thigh or even calf length, made of thin, waterproof material, along with a wide collar. They secure the mama-to-be at the front with made up of the same material. The trench coats can be worn during the cold or rainy seasons.


Maternity Blazer Jacket

Pregnant ladies can choose a variety of styles of jacket for their maternity outerwear. The jackets are a great option for bad weather, cool weather and even for windy days. They help keep the expected mom’s warm without being over bulky or hot. A jacket is generally is waist length with long sleeves. It may have a hood as well. The fleece jacket is very warm and good for windy, cool evenings. The denim Jacket is made up from cotton denims, which tends to be durable and long lasting.

Cheap Formal Bolero Shrug

A shrug or bolero is very short jacket that generally covers the arms and shoulders. it is worn with the evening wear for an elegant evening out by a number of women. Shrugs generally end at the chest or waist along with with the sleeves and without hood. Can be made of various quality fabrics such as satin, silk, cotton, velour, lace and polyester.
Puffer Jacket

Noppies Maternity Alan Puffer Coat

These types of jacket is a fun style that many women prefer. It is a jacket with short length and long sleeves that may or may not have a hood. The jacket is evacuated with polyester fiber fill or goose down and is top stitched in order to reduce some bulk. Puffer jackets are a great option to be worn during the winter season

Turtleneck Sweater Ponch

The most comfortable piece of outerwear that is hard to qualify as a coat or jacket. It is essentially a piece of fabric that drapes over the wearer at the shoulders and then hangs down the torso like a cape. Although, it is generally sewn closed at the front. Some ponchos may features a simple and elegant style that is they might have sewn sides, muffed pockets on the front and a hood. These can also be worn throughout the pregnancy.
Measuring for Maternity Coats and Jackets

Before heading out to purchase a maternity coat or jacket, women will need to get the appropriate measurements and compare them to a sizing chart. As women develop throughout the pregnancy, they may need to take several measurements for different coats. However, most manufacturers create maternity coats with room for women to gain between twenty-five and thirty pounds of weight.

Pregnancy Measurements

So. before heating out in order to purchase a maternity coat or jacket, mamas-to – be need to get the appropriate measurements and then compare them to a sizing chart. As women undergoes various changes throughout the pregnancy, therefore they may need to take several measurements, if they want to buy a perfect piece of coat and jacket.